Our pet groomers have taken their love of animals, their compassion and understanding them, and combined it with obedience training techniques to present a confident and educated approach to grooming your pets. Of course, dog care is a large portion of our business and we absolutely love working with you and your dogs. We have a spacious indoor studio suitable for a variety of animals and effects to make your experience with us efficient and convenient. Our pet-friendly furnishings and props look like toys and encourage your pet’s natural curiosity, often resulting in images showing great expressions of wonder and joy.

When you work with Poochie Barber Inc. you will appreciate that we focus first on developing a mutually trusting relationship with your pet; secondary to that is grooming them. We will spend plenty of time getting to know you and your pets because when they are relaxed and comfortable they are more playful and responsive to instructions from the pet groomer. That makes it much easier to cut fur, nails or else. We don’t just limit our clientele to dogs and cats; we know that you love your horses, fish, hamsters, iguanas, birds and other pets with the same level of devotion and we will contribute the same professional service regardless of your pet’s species.


You can always find a skilled pet groomer to take care of your companion at Poochie Barber Inc. We have been at our same location in Oak Lawn IL since 1983 and have supplied customers with cherished keepsakes of their beloved pets since the day we opened.

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